Saturday, July 19, 2014


After eating at The Walrus and the Carpenter we took an Uber back to our hotel. We rested up and then decided to walk to Capitol Hill. Canon was one of the places I had wanted to visit since it's the "whiskey & bitters emporium". I wasn't overly impressed with the drinks or the food. The bone marrow was sooooo salty. It tasted like someone accidentally spilled a crap load of salt on it. The pork buns were ok. It was no baohaus. The drinks were also nothing special. After that we took an Uber back to our hotel.

Started off our last full day in Seattle with the Underground Tour. We used the Link Train? to get to Pioneer Square. We didn't go to the "adults" version and I'm not sure if that version would have been better but this Underground Tour was a bit tame and we did get a bit bored. Plus, I feel like it was extra crowded because it was Memorial Day and they tried to cram way too many people into one tour.

looking up from the "underground" . you can hear people walking on the streets

After the tour we traveled back to Pike Place Market to Piroshky Piroshky for some more yummy goodness.

After that we headed back to the train to go watch a baseball game at Safeco Field. This was super impromptu but we figured since the weather was nice, it was a perfect opportunity to enjoy it.

After the game we headed back to Pike Place Market and I picked up some macarons. We decided to have dinner at The Pink Door (again) just because it was amazeballs the first time and then headed back to the hotel to pack up our things.

Took a Lyft to the airport early in the morning. Didn't get to try Beecher's World Famous Mac 'n Cheese yet so we stopped at their shop at the airport. It does have quite the kick to it but still looking for something better :/.

Sad to leave Seattle and end our vacation :(.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed our Seattle vacay!

Monday, July 14, 2014


One of the places I really wanted to visit while in Seattle was their public library. I love the design of the building and how you see the city through the glass. If we could have stayed for a bit to read, it would have been lovely but we were in a hurry to get some grub. We actually almost didn't end up going to the library because the only day we had left was Sunday and Monday and libraries are usually closed on both. Luckily they were open for a few hours that Sunday.

After frolicking at the library we went back to our hotel and took a Lyft to the Paseo in Ballard (since the other location is closed on Sundays). The Lyft from downtown to Ballard was about $19 and we just ended up using a $25 coupon we got at Folklife Fest so it was free! When we got there, the line was about this long (see picture below). It was a light drizzle which eventually became a heavy drizzle while we were waiting in line but it was worth it (sorta lol)! The Caribbean roast sandwich was BOMB but the grilled pork one was just ok. There's this ice cream shop right next to Paseo so we checked it out. They had this Thai iced tea ice cream what was so good! They were nice enough also to shelter us from the rain while we ate our Paseo sandwiches.

grilled pork sandwich

Caribbean roast sandwich

After devouring our sandwiches and ice cream, we decided to just walk to the Ballard Locks. Our Lyft driver recommended it and it was one of the coolest things we did. I'm sad we didn't get to spend more time at the park but it was getting quite miserable in the rain. I would highly recommend going to the locks if you have children. It's super educational and I definitely learned a lot while there. It's not every day you get to see a fish ladder lol. The locks are basically where the fresh water meets the salt water. Since there's a difference in water level there's a fish ladder so that the salmon can go between the two types of water. We didn't get to see any salmon pass through the ladder but we saw a small fish.

fish ladder

After walking around the locks, there was still one more place I wanted to go and that was The Walrus and the Carpenter. We took an Uber from the locks to the Walrus and the Carpenter. Man oh man the wait for this place is crazy! We went around 4pm and the wait was around 1.5 hours so we put our name down and went for a drink at a different bar in the area.

the best moscow mule i've ever had!

couldn't decide on a oyster so we decided to get one of each.
our favorite was wolf beach

Stay tuned for the last part of our Seattle adventure!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2014 Haul

It's that time of the year again! Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale! The thing I love about this sale is it mentally prepares you for the Fall/Autumn season (which is my favorite season for fashion). Coats and boots are on sale and you really have to think "Hmmm.. is this something I'll be rocking in the fall?". I mostly bought stuff that I could wear now and also later layered underneath a jacket. Here are some of the items I bought as well as a few pieces I liked but didn't fit into the budget this time around. 

ASTR embroidered sleeveless dress $49.90 (link)

I bought this dress as a back up dress for a wedding I'm attending in August. 
Tony thinks it's not very summery but we'll see. 
I may return this and purchase a few items in the BP section 
(which I didn't even get a chance to go to yesterday!).

ASTR mesh yoke tank - $33.90 (link)

I picked up this top because I love white and it seemed versatile 
enough for work and play. Paired with some faux leather leggings and 
a moto jacket and you can really harden the look up. 
It would also look great tucked into a pencil skirt or slacks. 
I particularly like how the tank dips forward to cover any camel toe 
as well as backwards to cover your caboose with just enough 
mystery to keep'em guessing.

 hinge lace detail three quarter sleeve blouse - $49.90 (link)

Can you really have too many lace tops? I think not lol. This was another 
one of those great for work and play. On the Nordstrom website they toughened 
the look up with a leather jacket and some leggings. For summer, 
I imagine pulling a monochrome look by pairing it with white shorts. 
You can never go wrong with all white in the summer.

topshop cutaway wrap back shell - $44.90 (link)

This was one of those items I grabbed just to try it on and ended up loving. 
I've got pretty broad shoulders from years of swimming and I thought for sure
this would make me look crazy large but it actually looks really nice. 
Since the top is a bit on the cropped side for me (since I have a long torso), 
I would probably wear this with high-waisted shorts for the summer and jeans in the winter. 

 j brand 'maria' high rise skinny jeans - $118.90 (link)

It's been a long time since I've purchased any brand name denim. 
Ever since skinny jeans became popular, I've always had a hard time finding jeans
that fit in the right places. Usually jeans that fit at the waist will be super loose 
at the thigh and ankle area. Plus, I'm only 5' so I'd have to get any jeans
I purchase altered anyways. It just wasn't worth it to spend all that money
on something I couldn't immediately wear. I saw these and felt how soft and stretchy 
they were and nabbed them for the fitting room. Loved them! So confession...
after I purchased these, I ripped the tags off and wore them right away lol. 
And the great thing was the length didn't really matter because I was able to tuck
the extra length underneath and it didn't look bulky or anything. 
Really really really happy with these but I wish they came in more colors!

sam edelman 'palma' suede sandal - $99.90 (link)

The "caged" look has been in for awhile but I never found any that didn't make 
my feet bulge out over the part where you lace it up (not a good look if you know what I mean lol). 
I saw these online and thought they looked nice but nothing special. In-store, I came across
them again and thought I'd just try it on. They were sooo comfortable! They look great with
shorts and jeans and the nude suede really elongates the legs which is something 
that I definitely need. I also tried on the black but it didn't look as nice. 

And here are some picks that I didn't purchase but want to lol. 

bp stripe knit open cardigan $35.90 -  (link)

halogen embellished denim shirt - $64.90 (link)

jolt colorblock faux leather boucle knit coat - $64.90 (link)

kendra scott 'elle' drop earrings - $33.90 (link)

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